January 13, 2016

DIY Frozen Inspired Bed Canopy

I've been working on turning my daughter's room into an awesome Frozen themed room. First, I repainted her dresser to match the colors of the Frozen posters and puzzles on the walls. Next, I decided the room needed a Frozen inspired bed canopy. 
I decided that I also wanted to make her a canopy for her bed using the same colors. I decided to make it using a horse trough planter as the base for the canopy. I removed the liner. 

I didn't have much pink, blue, and purple fabric, so I cut up some of my daughter's old clothes that she had outgrown, and I made rosettes.

After making a gazillion rosettes, I hot glued them onto the metal planter, which I spray painted blue for some reason... 

I painted the part of part of the planter that's against the wall white in effort to get it to blend in with the wall better. I attached three sheer blue curtains.

My daughter said she loves the canopy, and she put Olaf and Elsa on her bed, so they could be in the picture. 

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