January 10, 2016

Frozen Satin Pillowcase

My daughter loves Frozen, and her room is totally my DIY Frozen Inspired creation. So of course, she has Frozen bedding.  But I decided that she needs a satin pillowcase instead of the cotton one that came with the bedding because sleeping on satin is better for your hair.

But before I went to the store to buy satin fabric, I made a satin pillowcase using my daughter's old sating crib sheet. I mean... that pink satin crib sheet is obsolete now that she's a big girl in a twin sized bed.  Hence, I got the idea to upcycle the satin crib sheet into a satin pillowcase.
my daughter's friends Violet & Butterfly with the upcycled pillowcase

The Frozen pillowcase is reversible. One side has Princess Anna an the other had Queen Elsa. Today, my daughter requested for the pillowcase to show the Anna side.

Since everything went well with sewing the ucycled pillowcase, I decided to go ahead and shop for some satin Frozen fabric, and I found some! I combined the pink satin Frozen fabric with some purple cotton Frozen fabric and blue Olaf ribbon that was already in my fabric stash.

I used the satin fabric for the main part of the pillowcase. I used the purple fabric for the open end, and between the two, I stitched on the blue Olaf ribbon.

Here's Queen Elsa of Arendale with the new pillowcase. I hope she approves... I wouldn't want her to freeze my daughter's room! 

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