January 16, 2016

Frozen Puzzle Gallery Wall

We've been in our home since November, but I am still tweaking the decor. This week I created a Frozen gallery wall in my daughter's room using Frozen puzzles I purchased from the Dollar Tree, TJ Maxx, and Ross (my favorite stores). I considered framing the puzzles, but they'll all very odd sizes, so I wouldn't be able to buy frames. Instead, I decided to frame them using sticks. So while at a couple playgrounds, I picked up a bunch of sticks... and a tree branch!

I grabbed a couple plastic bags and filled them with sticks as we walked to the playground and while my daughter played at the playground. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I saw a big tree branch, but I told my husband to grab it. I did not use it, and it's still on the patio. I spray painted the sticks white. I left a few their natural color. I wanted the sticks to look like they were covered in a thin layer of snow.

These are the first puzzles I "framed." I put sticks at the top that could be used as hangers when I put them on the wall, but that actually didn't work out, and I ended up using my handy dandy staple gun to get these babies on the wall.

I like the mixture of the painted and natural sticks. This is the puzzle that my daughter and I put together a couple months ago, and it came with gems and stickers. 

Here are all the puzzles on her wall. There are a a couple repeats, but that's okay. I will still be on the look out for more puzzles to add to her wall.

My daughter approves of her new wall. So now that I'm done with this wall, I'm waiting on some poster frames that I ordered to arrive, so I can frame her Frozen puzzles and put them on the other walls in her room. I'm also going to make a reading nook in her room, and I may put some embroidery hoops with Frozen fabric on a wall. And I also plan on giving her rocking horse a Frozen makeover. So many fun projects!

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  1. What a great idea. I love how you incorporated the natural/white twigs to frame the puzzles. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.