March 19, 2016

Frozen Easter Egg Basket

Yesterday, we participated in an Easter egg hunt, and this was my daughter's first time hunting for eggs on her own. She had a blast. For the event, I sewed a small fabric Easter basket for her to collect her eggs. I made a large Crochet Frozen Easter Basket to hold all her Frozen gifts and goodies. I made the fabric "basket" using the Friendship Bag Tutorial at PS I Quilt. I also used this tutorial to make a Halloween Trick or Treat Tote for my daughter a few years ago, so tutorial can be used to make all kinds of cute bags!
I used purple Frozen fabric featuring Elsa and Ana.

I'm not a quilter, so to quilt the bag, I used a stitch that resembled a snowflake.

I created the braid by crocheting tulle, and then I hand stitched it on. Olaf is on the floor watching me work.

I added a blue gem to the braid.

The braid goes around the edge of the basket.

I made a large, thick handle.

I was worried that my daughter's basket might be too small. I was even more concerned when we arrived at the egg hunt and saw that some of the other kids had huge bags, baskets, and buckets. But her fabric basket ended up being the perfect size for the five eggs she found. We had such a fun time. I look forward to doing more things like this with my little buddy.

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