March 23, 2016

Round Crochet Pillow & Bolster Pillow

I've made a few changes in our home. I've continued working on crocheting pillows for the kids' playroom and our very brown couch. I've been using yarns that match the colors of my Mudhut Makayla curtains. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in Chocolate, Persimmon, Pistachio, White, Dark Country Blue, Country Blue, and Autumn Red.
To make the front side of this round pillow, I started out following a mandala pattern, but then I decided to do rounds of half double crochets. 

I added crochet  pom-poms all around the pillow.

I think the pillows add a nice bit of color to our dark brown couch. I will swap out the wall art soon. I ordered a very colorful wall clock, and I can't wait for it to arrive, so I can put it on the wall above the couch.

I also added some fabric to a bolster pillow I purchased from Goodwill a few weeks ago. I wanted it to match my curtains, so I used some leftover fabric from the curtains. I did some quilting to the fabric, and then added it to the pillow.
Here's the pillow in it's original state... not bad.

the leftover fabric from my curtains

I did some "quilting."

I wrapped the fabric around the center of the bolster pillow to cover it's original middle fabric that didn't match my decor. 

I still have more pillows to make for the living room, playroom, and my bedroom. I think I'm going to put the bolster pillow on my bed. I have the Mudhut Makayla bedding and curtains in my bedroom. I just love the fabric. My goal is to give my living room and bedroom to look a little more boho. So stay tuned to see what I make next!

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