January 20, 2016

Mademoiselle Curtains

When my family and I moved to a new home, some of our windows were bigger than the windows in our former home. So I needed new curtains. And I find that whenever you move, you have to figure out how to arrange everything in your new home to make it cozy and just the way you like it. Well, I tend to buy a bunch of new items whenever we move to a new place. And we seem to move every few years for my husband's job. I'll be so glad when we have a forever home that I can paint and decorate exactly how I like it. I've gone overboard with buying new things for our new home. Every room looks totally different than in our old home. For example, our master bedroom used to have a red, black, gray, and white color scheme with large Marilyn Monroe canvases and photos. I know my husband was so tired of Marilyn, which I don't understand how anyone could get tired of Marilyn Monroe!!! But she was in every room of the house. Anyhoo... so with our new bedroom, I'm going with a more bohemian look. But since I did put a lot of work into decorating our old room, I'd like to bid farewell to the adorable Mademoiselle Curtains I made for our old room.
At the time that I made these curtains, Mademoiselle fabric was my absolute favorite fabric in the whole wide world! So I made everything I could in this fabric from pinafore dresses for my daughter to mug rugs and curtains!

I used the curtains from my living room as a guide, and these have an attached valance.

the valance

I was measuring out the length for the curtain panels.

left tie back
right tie back
curtains closed
I'm going to miss having these curtains in my room...

Look! The curtains match my lampshade!

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