October 26, 2023

Halloween Gnome Scarf

Last year, I made a Halloween Gnome Scarf, and it was so fun to make that I decided to make another one. To create this scarf, I followed the Fall Gnome Scarf pattern by Heidi Yates/Snappy Tots, but I changed the colors to Halloween colors. 

I searched through my stash, and I found some balls of yarn in black (Vanna's Choice Black), orange (Big Twist Pumpkin), purple (Big Twist Blueberry), and green (Red Heart Super Saver Spring Green). 

I decided to make half of the scarf black, and I followed the Fall Gnome Scarf pattern. I decided that I wanted the scarf to be about 60 inches, so I crocheted with the black yarn for 30 inches.

After crocheting with the black yarn for about 30 inches, I decided to make stripes with the orange, purple, and green yarns. I separated each colorful stripe with a couple rows of black.

Now, it's time for fringe and embellishments! I've already added the noses and hat brims. I decided to add a crochet candy corn, and I added some buttons to the candy corn. 

One gnome has a beard, and the other has two braids. I decided to do both with the orange, purple, and green yarn. 

I added the crochet candy corn and patches (which are included in the original Fall Gnome Pattern instructions). And I added black rosettes. I searched Pinterest and found the pattern for a small rosette on the See Jenn Do blog.

And the scarf is complete! This scarf is about 69 inches long including the fringe and 4 inches wide.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my 🎃Halloween Gnome Scarf!🎃
This scarf is currently available in my Etsy shop.

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