September 30, 2023

Times Square Baby Blanket #2

A couple years ago, I made a baby blanket for my aunt to celebrate her first great grandbaby. She loved the blanket and recently asked me to make a couple more baby blankets. She asked for a blue blanket and a pink blanket (Times Square Baby Blanket) just like the one I gifted her before. I finished the blue blanket (Saturday Blue Jeans Baby Blanket), and now I've finally finished the pink one. I made it exactly like the first Times Square Baby Blanket, but I used white yarn instead of off white
To create this fun baby blanket, I used one of my favorite patterns, which is the Frankenyarn Blanket pattern by Projectarian. I used a size G (4.0mm) crochet hook. I crocheted 36 squares with Caron Simply Soft Times Square yarn. (I used 3 skeins.) It is so pretty! It's a variegated yarn that features the colors hot pink, light pink, purple, light purple, and minty blue.

Next, I crocheted a white border around each square with Caron Simply Soft White

Then, I lined the squares up in the order that I wanted to join them. I used the continuous join as you go method to join the squares. 

After joining all the squares, I added a pom pom border using the Caron Simply Soft Times Square yarn. 

Then I added a Sew Crafty Crochet tag. 😁

Ta-Da! The blanket is all done, and it measures 30" x 32".

I really love the color changes with this yarn in the pom pom border.

Now, both blankets are complete and ready to ship across the country.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my blanket. You can also follow me on Instagram @SewCraftyCrochet to keep up with what I'm creating.

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