July 13, 2019

Ticonderoga Inspired Pencil Scarf

Where we live school starts back next month... like the 1st week of August. So I'm in back-to-school mode. My daughter is a 3rd grader, and my son has another year of Pre-K since he doesn't turn 5 until November. So since I've got school on my mind, I've been crocheting pencil scarves again. This time I did something different... I decided to make a green ferrule like Ticonderoga pencils!

Last month, the kiddos and I visited family in Tennessee. I really enjoyed kicking up my feet and working on this scarf while chatting with my mom in her sun room. I need a sun room!

The yarns I used for this scarf are Red Heart Super Saver Charcoal,  Vanna's Choice Beige, Big Twist Premium Tumeric, Caron Simply Soft Party Spring Sparkle, and Big Twist Premium Salmon. Unfortunately, the Big Twist Premium yarns have been discontinued. I love that yarn! Oh, and I was visiting close to Father's Day, so I bought a Rae Dunn mug for my dad with his name on it. I also got one for my mom with her name on it. Unfortunately, I'll never have a Rae Dunn mug with my name on it. It's kinda unique. 😄

I crocheted this scarf just like my other pencil scarves, except the ferrule is sparkly green instead of silver, and the 2 has a green hexagon as the background instead of a black oval.

I love this sparkly green yarn!

I made the green and yellow ferrule similar to the ferrules on Ticonderoga pencils.

From graphite tip to pink eraser, this pencil measures about 70 inches long, so it's perfect for wrapping around your neck to stay warm on chilly days. It's about 4.5 inches wide.
This Pencil Scarf is available in my Etsy shop. 


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