October 9, 2017

Denim Patchwork Mackinaw Coat

It's fall, y'all! And that means the temperatures are cooling down, and winter is just around the corner. Last year, I decided to be brave and make my son a coat. Since I enjoy upcycle/refashioning projects, I decided to make the coat with denim from old jeans. For this coat, I used the Mackinaw Coat pattern by Call Ajaire), and I love this pattern! So since this is an upcycle project, it is perfect to share as a part of the Upcycle Challenge Blog Hop. After checking out my son's coat, I hope you'll stop by my blogging friends' blogs to see their upcycled creations (links are at the bottom of the post).

I used four pairs of old jeans for the outer fabric. Yes, four pairs of jeans! I was surprised that I had to cut up that many pairs of jeans to make a coat for such a little guy. I arranged the denim rectangles in a patchwork pattern and stitched them all together.

I searched my linen closet for a brown satin bed sheet that I had for years and no longer used, and I used it for the lining. The brown satin sheet was perfect for the lining of this coat.

Originally, I had different brown buttons on the coat, but they didn't all match. So I finally found six dark wooden buttons. I think they match the faux fur better than the other wood buttons I had on the coat.

One of my favorite parts of this coat is the back belt loop. That dark strip of denim down the middle of the coat has an opening for the coat's belt. Isn't that cool!?

I seriously think the way the belt loop is done in this pattern is so cool and clever!

the pocket flaps

I love this faux fur! I found it on sale at Joann, and I only bought enough for this project. The pattern has a couple different collar options, and I chose the dramatic collar.
I think my son was pretty happy with his coat. 


  1. My word, T'onna! You are so CREATIVE! Can't believe you made a COAT from denim pants and LINED it with satin sheets! You go, T'onna! Great job!!!! It's so cute and adorable and your son is probably the talk of his school when he wears this! He's quite handsome in it!

  2. Wow! This is impressive, T'onna! What a cute coat for your little guy! It's a great upcycle project!

  3. Oh wow! This is pretty darn incredible! I'm in awe of your skill and it looks so cute on your adorable son! Pinning and sharing!

  4. Love the pattern and the finished coat! Your son is so cute--love his mustache lol.