October 1, 2017

Crochet Bride of Frankenstein Hat

October is here!!! That means Halloween is just around the corner! So today, I'm sharing a Crochet Bride of Frankenstein Hat that I made for my daughter. I love earflap hats, so of course, this hat is an earflap hat with long ties. For this hat, I used Caron Simply Soft Pistachio, WhiteBlack, Gray Heather, and Lavender Blue.
I made the body of this Bride of Frankenstein hat without using a pattern. Whenever making a basic hat, I use this Size Chart to get my sizing right.  After making the hat, I crocheted the eyes, the purple bow, and the neck bolts.

For the eyes:
magic ring with black yarn  
round 1: 8 dc into the ring and join (black)
round 2: with white yarn, 2 dc into each dc around and join (stop here for the smaller eye)
round 3: with white, 2 dc into each dc and join
*leave a tail of yarn for sewing onto the hat.

For the bow: 
chain 18
row 1: hdc in the 3rd chain from the hook
row 2: hdc across and turn 
rows 3-5: repeat row 2
sc around and join
Then wrap yarn around the center of the rectangle to create the bow shape.

For the bolts:
magic ring with gray yarn
round 1: 6 dc into the ring and join
round 2: 1 dc in each dc and join
round 3: repeat round 2
*leave a tail for sewing onto the hat

After, creating each part, I sewed them onto the hat using a yarn needle. For the hair, I used a pom pom maker to make a bunch of black and white pom poms, and I tied them onto the black part of the hat. I used a yarn needle and black yarn to sew a Frankenstein scar onto the hat. Lastly, I added ties to the hat. I cut 12 (4 of each in gray, black, and purple) strips of yarn double the length of the desired length for  the ties. I folded the strands in half and attached them through the bottom end of the ear flap. I divided the strands into thirds, and then braided them tightly together. I tied them in an overhand knot at the end of the braid, and then I repeated this for the other ear flap.

the scar & a bolt...

 the lavender bow...

the gray, black, and lavender braided ties...

That's it for my Bride of Frankenstein hat! Now I have to get to work on my daughter's Halloween costume. This year she wants to be a witch... a nice witch! I've found a couple crochet patterns that I'm going to make to create her costume, so stop by again soon to check that our and/or follow me on Instagram [@SewCraftyCrochet] where I post daily.


  1. Hi T'onna, letting you know that Two Chicks and a Mom chose your clever crochet as a Feature at Party in Your PJs 178 this week. Please join us again!

  2. This is too cute! I am featuring when my link party opens up tonight!