September 11, 2017

Wire Hat Stands

The Dollar Store (Tree) is one of my favorite stores to shop for everything from craft supplies, coloring books, holiday decor, holiday and birthday cards, and even cleaning supplies!  So I've joined some of my blogging friends for a Dollar Store Craft Challenge.  Each of us is sharing a project we created using items from the Dollar Store. After reading my post, I hope you'll stop by to see what amazing Dollar Store crafts my friends are sharing today. You can find the links to their blogs are the end of this post.

So last fall, a friend and I shared a craft booth at our first craft fair. She knits, and I crochet. I was nervous about my first craft fair, so it was great to share a booth with a buddy. I learned that there's so much that goes into preparing for a craft fair other than creating your products. You need a table cloth, signage, business cards, a cash box, a card reader, props to display your items, and more. One of the main crafts that I was featuring were my Seahawks [inspired] Crochet Hats. A couple days before the craft fair, I realized that I only had ONE baby sized hat stand. Oh no!  I wanted two more.

This is the only baby hat stand I had, and I ordered it online a couple years ago. I searched the Internet to see if I could find another that could be delivered before the craft fair, but I had no luck with that! So I decided that maybe I could make a couple hat stands!

I found floral wire and some ribbon after searching two local Dollar Tree stores. I bought all the floral wire they had that night! I don't remember if I purchased this Red Heart Fur at the Dollar Tree or just pulled it from my yarn stash, but I have seen Red Heart Fur and other fun yarns at the Dollar Tree. I also used wire cutters for this project.

I unraveled the 6 ft floral wire, folded it in half, and folded it in half again.

Then I cut the wire, so I'd have two pieces.


I repeated the previous steps with another piece of 6 ft wire (fold it in half... fold in half again, and cut!). So I now have four pieces of 3 ft wire.

I wrapped them around something round. Here I just grabbed a 3-wick candle.

Then I gathered the pieces of wire together to form a whisk like shape. Next, I wrapped a 6 ft long piece of wire around the middle of the hat stand.

I wrapped a very small piece of wire at the top center of the head of the stand to join the pieces together at  the top.

Spread the wire at the bottom of the stand.

Form a ring with another piece of wire.

Wrap the wire around the wire ring.

So now that wire hat stand is formed, and you can leave it like this or embellish it.

I wrapped the diamond wrap ribbon around the middle of the stand, and then I wrapped the fur yarn around the base. I used hot glue to secure the ribbon and fur.

Here are two finished hat stands. I'm not too worried about how the top looks because it's going to be covered up with a hat. And this wire is flexible, so you can bend it and adjust it for the size of the hat.

Here's one of my Seahawks [inspired] Hats on the hat stand. I embellished the stands with blue and green diamond ribbon and blue Red Heart Fur, so they'd match perfectly with my Seahawks [inspired] crochet hats.

Here are my DIY Dollar Tree floral wire hat stands displaying my Seahawks [inspired] Crochet Hats last fall at my half of our booth at a local craft fair. I had a blast!

Thanks for reading about my hat stands! Be sure to stop by and visit the other bloggers participating in this fun Dollar Store Craft Challenge! Just click on the links below to see what they are sharing!



  1. Your hat stands look GREAT for the booth, perfect colors! As always, your crocheted hats are a amazing! Thank you for the tutorial! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Wow, T'onna! How creative and smart of you to make your own hat stands! And they look awesome - especially displaying your Seahawk hats!!! How fun and adorable!

  3. How clever! It's a perfect display for your crochet items. I love how you dressed it up with some bling.

    1. Thanks, Beverly! Bling is a must! 😄

  4. Genius use of floral wire to make the hat stands that you needed! Amazing what can be done with that stuff! You decorated them so cute for your stand too! Hope you got lots of sales because those hats are so adorable!! Great Dollar Store Craft! Pinning and sharing!

  5. Wow, you are one busy lady! What an awesome idea to use floral wire. I love how you just made your own when you needed to. Great crocheted hats, too.

  6. T'onna that was very clever of you. What you need you make yourself. I was wondering what that was the floral wire, but it obviously seems to be very versatile. And pretty too.

    1. Thanks, Mary! Yes, you can do a lot with floral wire. 😁