July 21, 2017

Seahawks [Inspired] Crochet Hook

Living in Washington state has turned me into a Seahawks fan. And since I am a Seahawks fan who enjoys crafting, I have crafted several Seahawks creations. I've sewn a dress for my daughter, and I've crocheted several Seahawks [inspired] crochet hats. Well, a little while ago, I created a Seahawks [inspired] polymer clay crochet hook. Working with clay is still new to me, so I'm practicing m sculpting, smoothing, and painting skills.
This is the Sculpey polymer clay that I like to work with. For this project, I used the clay in colors Lagoon, Granny Smith, Chocolate, and White. And I'm using a size I Boye crochet hook. I chose this hook because it's green, and green is one of the Seahawk's  team colors!

First, I created the shape of the football in the brown clay. I applied Sculpey Bake and Bond to the crochet hook, so the clay will bond to the metal hook.

Then I added the blue lagoon clay.

I sculpted a green heart. I used craft paint to paint on the Seahawk.

I used a nail dotting tool to add dimples to the foot, and I used the white clay to form the lines on the football. I decided to make a blue and green football stitch marker, too. 

I followed the baking instructions for the clay, and I think it turned out well! After it baked, I applied a thin layer of Satin Sculpey Glaze. I allowed it to dry over night, and then the hook was ready to use!

Go Seahawks!

This is a size I (5.5mm) crochet hook, so I stamped an I on the back.

blue & green football stitch marker

Here's my Seahawks [inspired] Crochet Hook with the Top This FootBall Hat I crocheted for my son.

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