July 22, 2017

Triangles Blanket in Seahawks Colors

For Mother's Day, I made my mother a crochet throw with triangles in the colors gray, yellow, white, and blue. Since I enjoyed making that throw and it used up quite a bit of yarn, I decided to make another in Seahawks colors. I am on a stash busting mission, and I originally bought a bunch of yarn in Seahawks colors with plans to make a bunch of Seahawks inspired hats and a temperature super scarf. I started the scar, but decided not to continue with that project, but I still had all that yarn. So, I used it for a triangles blanket.

For this blanket I used Big Twist Yarn in Dark Denim, Lime, and Soft Gray. The White yarn is from the brand I Love This Yarn. While crocheting this blanket, I had about 12 balls of yarn in my lap. Each triangle in a row needs it own ball of yarn, and you crochet with two strands.

For this project, I used my new size P crochet hook. This pattern is called Sunset Shades Throw, and can be found in the book Q-Hook Afghans for the Family.

With this project, there are tons of ends to weave. I like to weave them as I go, so I'm not overwhelmed with ends once I've completed crocheting.

Once I finished crocheting the rows of triangles, I added a dark blue border and a label. There are washing instructions on the back of the label. 😁

This blanket measures approximately 48 x 36 inches, so it would be a great baby blanket!

Or it would be great as a throw blanket for your favorite chair!

This blanket is now on my blanket ladder.


  1. This is a stunning throw T'onna! I have not crocheted in years, but I've been getting the bug back lately - and this has got me more excited about it than ever! I'll have to revisit for more inspiration posts. Thanks for sharing (and inspiring!).

    1. Thanks so much, Jelica!!! I'm glad you found inspiration here on my blog!

  2. T'onna, I found your blog through the Brag About It linky party. Your Seahawks blanket caught my eye. We're big Seahawks fans here at our house. I'll be following along through Bloglovin'. Have a great week! --Andrea

  3. I never learned this craft but my grand-mother sure did. She would make things for us all the time. Love the colors even though I am not a seahawk fan
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