January 14, 2017

Dollar Tree Valentines Day Snowman Wreath Tutorial (& Valentines Link Party)

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I only made two resolutions for 2017, and they go hand in hand. First, I want to spend less and save more. Secondly, I'm not allowed to yarn until maybe my birthday, which is at the end of May. So with those resolutions in mind, the Dollar Tree is a great place to purchase craft supplies. All the supplies I used to make this snowman wreath were purchased from the Dollar Tree. Yes, even the yarn was purchased at the Dollar Tree. Yes, they have yarn! The yarn I used to crochet the snowman's hat and scarf are Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sparkle in Red Hot and Midas. I believe I found them there around Christmas time. But, I've also seen the Fun Fur yarns, Bernat holiday yarn, and Caron Simply Soft at the Dollar Tree for ONE DOLLAR!

I always have extra craft supplies on hand from the Dollar Tree, but I made another visit to the store to get more Valentine's Day items... Below are a couple of my favorites...

I found a heart-shaped wire wreath frame, burlap, decorative mess, pipe cleaners, roses, diamond wrap ribbon, and more! While looking for Valentine's Day craft supplies, I found some things I can use to make a Seahawks [inspired] wreath. Anyhoo... Back to the Valentine's Snowman Wreath...

1 small willow wreath
1 large willow wreath
white paint
Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sparkle Red Hot
Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sparkle Midas
red pipe cleaners
10 white pipe cleaners
floral wire

First, I painted the willow wreaths with white paint. After the paint dries, attach the two wreaths using the floral wire.

While you're waiting for the paint to dry on the wreaths, find a cozy spot and crochet the snowman's hat and scarf. 

  • ch 75 (red)
  • row 1: hdc in 4th stitch from the hook. *ch 1, skip next st, hdc in next st. (repeat from * to the end), turn.
  • row 2: join white, ch 3, skip next st, hdc in next st, * ch 1, skip next st, hdc in next st. (repeat from * to the end), turn. 
  • row 3: join red, ch 3, skip next st, hdc in next st, * ch 1, skip next st, hdc in next st. (repeat from * to the end), turn. 
  • row3: join white, ch 3, skip next st, hdc in next st, * ch 1, skip next st, hdc in next st. (repeat from * to the end). fasten off.
  • (with red) magic circle
  • round 1: ch 3, 1 tr, 2 dc, ch 1, 1 tr, ch 1, 2 dc, 2 tr, ch 1, sl st into the magic ring. Fasten off.
  • round 2: Join white and sc evenly around the heart. fasten off and sew onto the ends of the scarf.
  • magic circle (with white)
  • ch 2, 7 hdc in ring, join 
  • ch 2, hdc in same st, 2 hdc in each hdc, join.
  • ch 2, hdc in same st, [hdc, 2hdc] around, join.
  • ch 2, hdc in same st, [hdc in next 2 sts, hhdc in next st] around, join.
  • ch 2, hdc in each st, join. fasten off.
  • join red, sc in each stitch, join, fasten off.
  • add a red pom pom using a pom pom maker.
When you're done crocheting, you should have a cute little hat and scarf set.

Once the paint has dried on the wreaths and you've attached them, you need to give the snowman some arms and hands. 1. Twist 5 white pipe cleaners together, but leave about an inch and a half untwisted on one end. 2. Attached the twisted end to the big wreath by wrapping it around a twig on the wreath. 3. On the other end of the pipe cleaner arms, created 3 fingers by folding down the 3 middle pipe cleaners.  4. Secure these 3 fingers by wrapping one of the lose pipe cleaner ends around them.  5. Wrap the last free pipe cleaner end around the stem of the roses. 6. Repeat these steps to create the other arm and hand.

The final step is to attach the hat and scarf to the snowman. I used a couple red pipe cleaners to secure the hat and scarf. I also added a piece of red ribbon to hang the wreath from.

Voila! The wreath is finished and ready to display!

The Dollar Tree has so many great craft supplies available at their stores and online, so with the Dollar Tree you can make wreaths and other decor for every holiday using their very affordable items. I've made several Christmas wreaths, Easter wreaths, fall wreaths, and Valentine's Day wreaths using supplies from the Dollar Tree. In fact, Easter is just around the corner, so be sure to check out my Easter Bunny Wreath I made using Dollar Tree hats! Also, check out my Crochet Candy Corn Wreath that is covered in white, orange, and yellow flowers from the Dollar Tree.

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So now that you've seen my Valentine's Wreath, my blog friends and I want to see YOUR Valentine's Day crafts! We're hosting a Valentine's Link Party from January 14th -  February 13th. And well each be sharing features from the link party on Valentine's Day. So if you haven't made anything yet, you have plenty of time to rush to the Dollar Tree for your craft supplies , craft, take pictures, and share here at our link party! You can also share old Valentine's Day post as well, of course!

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!


  1. How fun! Your crochet projects are always so impressive. A snowman Valentine is such a great idea!

  2. So crafty of you, T'onna, to combine your talents of crochet and crafts to make this lovely wreath! And who would have guessed it's made with items from the Dollar Tree? How creative!!!!

    1. Thanks, Gail! Isn't the Dollar Tree awesome?!?! I'm there all the time. I buy craft supplies and most of my holiday and birthday cards there. :-)

  3. What an adorable snow man! You are so very clever! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. This is super cute! Love the combination of the winter element with the adorable snowman - all decked out for Valentine's Day!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I figured a snowman would still be perfect for Valentine's Day since I'm pretty sure it's still going to be very cold here in WA. The temperatures have been in the 20s and 30s, and I don't think it's going to get warmer anytime soon. :-)

  5. Oh T'onna, those little hands made me go awwwwwwww. Your little wreath snowman is beyond cute with his hat and scarf. Too adorable

  6. T'onna this is such a great idea. You were able to combine the winter and Valentine's day! Love the little snowman and his cute scarf!

  7. This is just the cutest Valentine's Day Snowman EVER! Clever idea combining winter and Valentine's Day. Pinning to share :)

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for pinning!!! :-)

  8. This is adorable! You are so creative. I love that he's holding the flowers. (Pinned it!)

  9. Love the snow man wreath!!
    Thanks so much for hosting!! I am just starting to post my Valentine's Decorations so will be linking up a few more posts in the next week or so...

    1. Thanks Debbie! I look forward to seeing your posts!

  10. This so adorable! I love finding great craft supplies at the dollar store. Thanks again for linking up to #fridayfrivolity!Xx

  11. This is so stinking cute! And you can't beat the price.

    THanks fro sharing with us on #FridayFrivolity