January 10, 2017

2016 Temperature Blanket Update

Last January, I decided to crochet a 2016 Temperature Blanket. Well, 2017 has arrived, and I am stuck in the past with this 2016 temperature blanket. I'm currently working on the row for August 4th. See... What had happened was.... 😀 I stopped working on the blanket for a couple months while I crocheted items to sell at a local craft fair in November. Then after the craft fair, I decided to crochet a Granny Square Tree Skirt and a set of four Gingerbread Christmas Stockings. So I've been busy, but then my hands needed a break. I actually had calluses from crocheting! I recently took a week off from the temperature blanket again to work on a messy bun hat and a crochet Valentine's Day Chocolate Cupcake Scarf. I'll write about those two projects really soon. 

I'm using Caron Simply Soft yarns for this project. The colors I'm using are Autumn Red, Persimmon, Sunshine, Pistachio, Robin's Egg, Blue Mint, Ocean, and Plum Perfect... Well, I've used all the colors, except Plum Perfect. The highs for the day never dipped below the 30s in 2016.

So this was my blanket in January 2016...

And here's a picture of my temperature blanket on my king sized bed. This picture was taken on December 20th, and I was working on the last rows for July. 

While working on my blanket, I used to store it in my favorite jelly tote bags, but it has grown far to big for that. 

That time when my son matched my blanket...

That time when my wine glass matched my blanket...

I ordered this crochet hook for my friend as a Christmas gift from NorthWoodsHandmade on Etsy. Before I wrapped it up and gave it to my friend, I tested it out on my blanket... 😉

My blanket is huge, so it keeps me warm while I work on it.

So here's a picture I took last night. I'm adding a row of Persimmon to the blanket for August 4th. So there' my update on my temperature blanket. If you want to keep up with my progress check back here again soon, and follow me on Instagram (@SewCraftyCrochet) where I post daily!

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