November 30, 2016

My First Craft Fair

A couple weekends ago, a friend and I decided to share a booth at a craft bazaar at her son's school. (My Sew Crafty Crochet banner is on my side of the table.) This was my friend's first craft fair as well, but I think we both did pretty well. Since we live in Washington state, and I always see bunches of people wearing Seahawks gear, I decided to make a bunch of Seahawks inspired crochet hats. So my half of the table looks all blue, green, and gray!

I had a variety of styles of hats in Seahawks colors (blue & green).

My most popular hats were the hawks face hats. I mostly made baby sized hats, but I had several adults who wanted these hats in adult sizes. I was able to whip up a couple adult sized during the craft fair, and they sold as soon as they were finished! So note to self: Make more adult sized Seahawks inspired hats!

My Seahawks inspired Sock Monkey hats were popular as well.

This hooded scarf in Seahawks colors is my favorite creation that I took to the craft fair. And it SOLD! Of course, I was happy that it sold because it was one of my original creations and someone loved it! But I'm going to miss it. I guess I'll have to make another one just for me. 

My Crochet Popcorn Scarf is also one of my faves, and it sold as well. It was purchased by another craft fair vendor. I'm glad that it's found a new home where it will be loved!

I also made a few hair bows, and some were made with Seahawk colors. Those sold very fast. I wish I had made more!

I had a couple of these puff stitch beanies at the craft fair, and one sold at the fair, and I sold another on Etsy.

Since I had several hats but not enough hat stands, I attempted to create a couple wire hat stands. The stand in the middle is one that I ordered online a few years ago. The other two are the ones I made and tried to make pretty. 😂 Of course, I decorated them with blue fur and green jeweled ribbon to go with my Seahawks inspired creations.

M pink camo owl hat also sold. I made it a couple years ago, so I'm really gad it found a new home with an adorable little girl.

Here are a couple scarves and hooded scarves that did not sale at the craft fair. I was surprised that the Buttered Toast Scarf didn't sale because I made one for a friend last year as a Christmas gift, and she gets so many compliments on it. I really love the child sized Seahawks inspired hooded scarf, and I may just keep it for my daughter. She really likes it. I also love my Elsa inspired hooded scarf, and the PB&J scarf. Since these items didn't sale, they are available in my Sew Crafty Crochet Shop on Etsy

I had such a great time at the craft bazaar, and it wasn't anywhere near as stressful as I thought it would be. I enjoyed hanging around other crafters and speaking with people who appreciate our handmade creations. Now that I have one craft fair under my belt, I've taken notes and look forward to participating in more craft fairs next year. I'm going to make items throughout the year to prepare for the local craft fairs in the fall. 

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