August 4, 2016

Nautical Hooded Towel Robe

I cannot believe that in 22 days my darling daughter will turn five years old! And next month, she will start kindergarten. Where does the time go?  So in honor of my daughter officially becoming a big girl, all month I will share posts featuring clothing I've sewn for her over these wonderful years. So here's a hooded robe I made for my daughter using towels!

I had been searching the Internet for a pattern for a wrapped hoodie in my daughter's size, but I hadn't been able to find one.  So I decided that maybe I should just make one without a pattern.  But I've never done that... So I decided to do a little practice.  I had some old towels in the linen closet, so I decided I'd use them to make a hoodie...  But then I thought... Well, maybe I could still get practice and make something useful, and I wouldn't want my child to wear a hoodie made out of towels. Therefore, I decided to make a hooded towel robe.  And here are so pictures from my sewing adventure, and it was a loooooong journey!

two old towels

I used one of my daughter's store-bought hoodies as a guide.

I cut out the hood.

the back... After cutting out the back piece, I used it to create 2 pieces for the front of the robe.

the front pieces

I traced around the hoodie's sleeve to create sleeves for the robe.

the sleeves

I pinned all pieces (hood, sleeves, front, & back) together.

And I sewed everything together.

I broke a couple needles along the way...

I cut out a K for her first initial and pinned it onto the front of the robe.

stitching the K onto the robe.

I also made an anchor applique because I love anchors and all things nautical!

I added belt loops for the robe's belt. 

My daughter loved her robe.

What do y'all want me to cook for breakfast?

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