August 7, 2016

Refashioned Harem Pants Outfit

At the end of this month, my daughter will turn five, and next month, she will start kindergarten. The years have flown by so fast! So as a countdown to my daughter's birthday, I will share posts featuring items I've sewn for her over the years all month long. Today, I'm sharing an outfit that I made for her when she was two.
I had some technical difficulties while making these harem pants for my daughter. The first mistake I made was using the wrong kind of fabric. I tried to make pants using a fabric that as more for home decor. So I remembered a dress that I've had for a while and decided to use it to make an outfit for my daughter since I was never going to wear the dress anyway. Although these knit harem pants fit her pretty well, they're not really baggy like harem pants. I used a pattern that I found online, but I might search for a different pattern and try again. I made the shirt by using one of her tank tops as a size guide. It has a little bit of a hi-low hem. I think my daughter looks adorable in her new outfit, and it seems very comfortable for play time.

I bought the dress on a clearance rack for $3. I was going to just wear it around the house, but I decided that the fabric was really cute, and I could use it to make an outfit for my daughter.

I don't remember where I found the pattern for the harem pants, but I here's what the pattern pieces looked like.

the back piece

the front piece

I pinned darts in the pants.

The darted pants are ready for the waistband.

the waistband... 

I sewed the waistband onto the pants and inserted elastic.

After I finished sewing the harem pants, I made a shirt for my daughter using one of her tank tops as a guide.  

She is ready to play in her new outfit!

I promise the pant legs are even! She kept pulling one up higher than the other for someone reason.


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