August 1, 2016

Minky Toddler Hoodie

At the end of this month, my oldest child, my daughter will turn five. I cannot believe it! The years are flying by so fast. And next month, she will start kindergarten. So as a countdown to my daughter's birthday, I will share posts featuring items I've sewn for her over the years all month long. 

So about three years ago, I made a wrap hoodie for my daughter. I went to the local fabric store searching for cute sweat shirt material, but I didn't find any... only gray, grey, and more gray!  I knew I don't have any old sweats around to refashion into something for my daughter, so I kept searching the store and finally stumbled upon some minky material.  I liked the way it felt, and I liked the colors (red, dark blue, yellow, and light blue).  So I bought a yard. I thought about making pants to match the hoodie, but I changed my mind. I'll use the rest of the material for something else... eventually! I didn't use a pattern to create the hoodie. I used one of her store-bought hoodies as a guide.
the minky fabric

I dug through my button stash and found buttons that match the colors of the fabric.

I used my button foot to make the button holes. This thing is pretty nifty!

I used yellow and red bias tape around the edges of this hoodie.

I'm really pleased with how the hoodie turned out, especially since I didn't use a pattern. I think my little thumb sucker really liked her hoodie. Since she quickly outgrew it, it is now hanging up in her little brother's closet. I think he may be able to fit it this fall/winter.


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