January 1, 2016

Urban Craft Uprising

A couple weeks before Christmas, a friend and I attended the Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle. There were many awesome vendors there, but I basically went to see one lady, Twinkie Chan! I've admired her work for a while, so when she posted about Urban Craft Uprising on Instagram, I knew I had to go! I had a blast, especially since I rarely get out without the kiddos, and I hadn't been to Seattle in a while. And whenever I ride the ferry, I feel like it's a really special trip. So here are some pictures from my trip.
Once we got to the craft fair, I immediately darted for Twinkie's booth, which was right by the door. She was very nice, and my friend and I spent a lot of time hanging out around her table. 
I bought this hotdog eye mask and corn dog pen cozy from Twinkie Chan. My friend bought a couple ice cream shower mitts, but she wears them as regular mittens.
We took a funny picture... She's wearing the ice cream mittens she got from Twinkie Chan.
One of the vendors had these awesome hangers, but they weren't for sale. I really want some!
I had been searching all over for Seahawks colored yarn, so I picked up a few skeins from one of the vendors.
My friend took a picture of me taking a selfie in front of the International Fountain. It's pretty neat. It plays music.

We walked around for a bit, and we could see the Space Needle from where we were. I've lived in WA for a total of five years, but I've never been inside the Space Needle. We need to make that happen! 

We found the Artists at Play playground.  My daughter would love it!

It was a bit chilly on the ferry, but I hate wearing a coat.

Warm and toasty inside the ferry.... It was a good day.

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