September 5, 2015

Vintage Desktop Kitchen Curtain

I've been busy working on changing my kitchen theme from apples, grapes, and pears to a blue, red, black, and white retro and country kitchen. I bought new canisters. I swapped out my wall decor plates featuring apples, grapes, and pears for ones with Marilyn Monroe. I bought new mugs and a mug rack. And I finally got around to making new curtains.
Here's my old, store-bought curtain. I made the new curtains in the same style as this one.

The Vintage Desktop fabric is my new favorite fabric, and it features typewriters, phones cameras, and glasses. I've also used this fabric in my craft room. I plan to use it to reupholster the bar stools in my kitchen. I used the black and white polka dot fabric for the ruffly part of the curtain since the Vintage Desktop fabric has black and white polka dots on it.

I traced around the old curtain to get the shape right. 

Here are the curtains with the blinds up....

You can see my new canisters on the right and my coffee station on the left. I still have a few more things I'm going to add to the kitchen before it's done. 

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