May 7, 2024

Rae Dunn Inspired Cutlery Placemat

I have been wanting to make a placemat for when I snack or eat lunch at my craft room desk, and I finally did it! I was inspired to go ahead and make a placement when I saw that this month's theme for the May Sustainable Craft Challenge Blog Hop is Typography. I knew I wanted to create a placement with Rae Dunn styled font/words. For this project, I decided to create the placemat using the Basic Cutlery Placemat pattern by Pukapuka, and I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Recycled Yarn to make it eco-friendly. ♻😊

Basic Cutlery Placemat pattern by Pukapuka
Big Twist Twinkle Gray

Since this is the sustainable craft challenge, I decided to try recycled yarn.  Once I decided that I wanted to make the placemat black and white, I purchased Lion Brand Wool Ease Recycled Yarn Cream and Lion Brand Wool Ease Recycled Yarn Black.

The Basic Cutlery Placemat has written instructions and a graph. I used both. I marked off the rows with a pink highlighter as I completed them. The pattern says to use a 3.0mm crochet hook, but I decided to use a 2.75mm Clover Crochet Hook.

I used a stitch marker to mark the right side of the project. It can be confusing without one! I modified the pattern a bit to make the untensil handles wider like Rae Dunn utensils. I originally planned to add words to the utensil handles, but I decided that they were too thin. I also decided to use metallic silver yarn for the fork, spoon, and knife part of the utensils.

Almost done... This placemat definitely needs to be blocked.

I used a pencil to softly write the word YUM onto the placemat, and then I topstitched over it with black yarn.


I blocked the placemat using my Blocking Mats and Knit Blockers.

Ta-Da! The placemat is finished!

As soon as I the placemat was complete, I used it when I ate a bowl of egg drop soup in my Rae Dunn NOODLES bowl. 😁 This placemat will be used a lot!

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my Rae Dunn Inspired Cutlery Placemat, which I'm sharing for the May Sustainable Craft Challenge Blog Hop! The purpose of the Sustainable Craft Challenge Blog Hop (hosted by Julie @ Sum of Their Stories) is to create a sustainable/eco-friendly craft project. This month's theme is Typography, so I decided to use recylced yarn to create a placemat featuring cutlery and a plate with the word YUM in the Rae Dunn style. Anyhoo, I hope you'll visit the other participant's eco-friendly Typography creations below! ↓

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  1. This is fabulous. Those letters are a perfect addition to this placemat and really do give a lovely Rae Dunn vibe. This yarn looks so interesting, how did you find it to work with? I've seen a few recycled yarns but not actually tried one yet. I love the little addition of the metallic yarn too, so much fun.

  2. This is adorable. You could have a whole set for family meals. Love the addition of the writing. Kids could have their names on them!

  3. How cute is this?? I eat at my desk when I teach my college classes. I would love to have this my desk. I am all about having cute things on my desk!

  4. Oh my, T'onna! This is so unique and creative! I love it! I am always amazed by your talent!