July 31, 2022

Blue Hats for Hat Not Hate (2022)

Last year, I discovered Hat Not Hate on Instagram, and I think this anti-bullying campaign is such a great idea. Hat Not Hate asks crocheters and knitters to donate handmade blue hats to be distributed to schools. The blue hats are Hat Not Hate's symbol for eradicating bullying. As a mom of two and a former educator, I am all for eradicating bullying. Last year, I donated 11 hates, and this year I donated 16 hats. I was able to make a few more because I used a circular knitting machine, which I enjoy using when I need to give my hands a break from crocheting but still want to make things.
I made these hats using my 48 needle Sentro circular knitting machine. These are child sized hats, so they need 120 total rows. For the hats where I only used one yarn, I just cranked out 120 rows. For the two toned brimmed hats, I cranked 40 rows with the main color, 40 rows with the brim color, and 40 rows with the main color again.

These hats were made with Vanna's Choice Colonial Blue and Vanna's Choice Sky Blue. I made the pom pom with my Clover pom pom maker

These fun hats were made with Vanna's Choice Denim Mist. I ended up keeping the hat with the stripe. It was interesting that there was a random spot in the skein of yarn that wasn't blue. But I think it made a super cute stripe, and I ended up keeping it. 

The striped hat were made with Red Heart Super Saver Denim and Red Heart Super Saver Blue.

These were made with Red Heart Super Saver Delft Blue and Red Heart With Love Peacock. I really enjoyed making the striped hats.

I made these hats with Red Heart Super Saver Icelandic and Red Heart Super Saver Turqua. They are reversible.

I made these hats with Red Heart Super Saver Turqua, Caron Simply Soft Ocean, and a Caron Jumbo Print yarn that I do not remember the name of, and I can't find it online to try to figure out the name. It had been in my yarn stash for a few years. 

The hat on the left was made with Caron Simply Soft Blue Mint and Caron Simply Soft Robin's Egg. The hat on the right was made with Caron Simply Soft Dark Country Blue and Caron Simply Soft Light Country Blue. To make these striped hats, I cranked 10 rows alternating colors until I reached 120 rows.

The hat on the left was made with Caron Simply Soft Blue Mint and Caron Simply Soft Paints Peacock Feather. I ended up not sending the hat on the right because I realized it was a bit small. 

I jammed the hats into a large flat rate shipping box.

I only had a couple Hat Not Hate tags left, so I sewed those onto a couple hats. I wanted to buy more, but they were sold out.

When the ladies at Hat Not Hate received the box of hats, they gave me a shout out on their Instagram Stories! Yay! I was glad to know they received the hats.

I really enjoyed making these hats to donate to a good cause, and it also helped me to destash some of my blue yarn. I still have a bunch left, so if they need more blue hats, I'm ready!

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