February 11, 2019

Crochet Pepperoni Pizza Fingerless Gloves

Welcome to the Craft DeStash Challenge Blog Hop! For this challenge, my blogging friends and I have created something using items currently found in our craft stashes. I've decided that making more gloves would be a quick way to use up more of my yarn stash. To create these gloves, I followed a pattern for fingerless mittens in the book Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies: 20 Yummy Treats to Wear.

Whenever I work in a pizza themed project, I have to use my Pepperoni Pizza Crochet Hook. The yarns I used to create these gloves are Malabrigo Merino Wool Cadmium, Caron Simply Soft Autumn Red, Caron Simply Soft Harvest Red, and Vanna's Choice Honey.

Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies: 20 Yummy Treats to Wear is my favorite crochet pattern book. I've used the fingerless mittens pattern to create several pairs of gloves with different food themes. 

The cuffs are the pizza crust. Then there's the sauce and the rest of the glove is the cheese. And of course, I added a couple crochet pepperoni to each glove.

Cheese pizza?

I sewed on the pepperonis with a yarn needle.

I need to make a Pepperoni Pizza Scarf and Gloves set for myself to wear with my Betsey Johnson pizza wristlet!


  1. Whaaa...? You have a pepperoni pizza crochet hook?! That is so cool! I love fingerless gloves, especially this time of year when temperatures are bouncing all over the place! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. This is so cute, T'onna! The matching gloves are great, too! What a fun idea for a scarf!

  3. What a fun project - pinning!

  4. You're so creative! Your creations always put a smile on my face. Love it.

  5. That crochet hook is awesome! I can think of a few people that would really like a pair of these and I probably have the supplies on hand too, lol

  6. Oh my goodness these fingerless gloves put a smile on my face today! They are so cute and fun! I would totally wear these myself :) Pinning to share.

  7. You always make the coolest crocheted items. And a pepperoni pizza hook.....