March 2, 2017

Pepperoni Pizza Crochet Hook

As a fan of the crocheter Twinkie Chan and a lover of pepperoni pizza, I couldn't resist making Twinkie's Pepperoni Pizza Scarf. I followed the pattern in her book Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies: 20 Yummy Treats to Wear. This scarf was so fun and easy to make! While making the scarf, I was inspired to create a Pepperoni Pizza crochet hook and stitch marker with polymer clay.

While working on the scarf, I used a pizza stitch marker, and my Bronze Lady Crochet Hook. For this stitch marker, I bought the pizza charm and added a clasp. I also have a pizza cutter stitch marker. When I finished crocheting the cheese, sauce, and crust, I decided to take a break from crocheting to make a pepperoni pizza themed polymer clay crochet hook.

I crocheted the pepperoni for this pizza scarf with my new pepperoni pizza crochet hook! 

I'm not an expert when it comes to polymer clay! I'm still learning. This is the 3rd hook I've made. And I think it turned out okay for a beginner. 😋😀 

To create this hook, I mixed yellow polymer clay and red polymer clay. There's a streak of yellow on the hook; I kept it in the hook because it reminds me of stringy pizza cheese. I used deep red polymer clay for the pepperoni, and rose gold polymer clay for the "crusty" parts. This is a size H/5 hook, so I stamped an H in the ball on top of the hook. I also created a happy pepperoni stitch marker that attaches to the top of the crochet hook.

I look forward to crocheting more food projects with my new hook! 

And here's the finished Pepperoni Pizza Scarf, which is available in my Etsy Shop.

I really enjoy making fun food crochet accessories and fun polymer clay crochet hooks, so stop by again soon to see what I create next! Also, I post pictures on Instagram daily, so you can see what I'm working on each day. 

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  1. When you sewed pepperoni circles onto pizza, how did you do it without stitches showing on other side?