December 7, 2018

Crochet Christmas Gift Tags

Yesterday while the kiddos were at school, my husband and I did some Christmas shopping. I have wrapped only a few of their gifts so far. I decided to make crochet gift tags for a couple of the presents. And yes, I have Seahawks wrapping paper!

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To create these gift tag, I followed the tutorial by Repeat Crafter Me, but I began with a longer beginning chain, so I'd have a larger tag. I top stitched my kiddos' names onto the tags. I use Caron Simply Soft Party Snow Sparkle, Caron Simply Soft Dark Country Blue, and Caron Simply Soft Limelight to create these tags.

I embellished the tags with a pine cone and a present from a Dollar Tree floral pick...

But then I decided that the tags needed more embellishments, so I added small green bells.

I also crocheted a spirally bow for my favorite present. I bought myself a unicorn yarn bowl. My husband said I had to put it under the tree...  I used Red Heart With Love Light Grey to create these spirals.

My daughter requested a pretty doll with purple and pink hair, so this tag is on the box containing her new Our Generation Doll

And this present is my unicorn yarn bowl.

The crochet tags and spiral bow were quick and fun to make and they really add a personal touch to the gift wrap.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! 

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  1. I love the amazing crocheted gift tags that can double as keepsake ornaments, but that crochet curly bow is my favorite!!!

  2. You are the crochet Queen, T'onna! How cute to crochet your own name tags but I think the curly bow needs to go on my daughter's gifts, she's an avid crocheter.

  3. Your crochet tags are so adorable, especially with the spirally bow - too cute! I can't wait to see the purple and pink hair doll! Be sure to post a picture after Christmas!

  4. Those are just so sweet and can be reused year after year.

  5. This is such a clever idea. Thank you for sharing!