September 28, 2018

Halloween Witch Wreath

The Dollar Tree is a great place to find fun and affordable Halloween decor and Halloween craft supplies. I enjoy making holiday and seasonal wreaths, and I often gather my supplies from the Dollar Tree.  I decided to make a fun witchy Halloween wreath using flowers, a witch hat, skeletons, a Halloween sign, and a spooky raven all from the Dollar Tree.

Halloween flowers
black leaves
black spray paint
Halloween sign
Halloween witch hat
bird house
glue gun & glue sticks

I found several of these willow wreaths at the local Dollar Tree, and I grabbed this spray paint from my stash of paint.

I spray painted the wreath and allowed it to dry overnight.

The Dollar Tree always has awesome flowers, and I found these purple and black roses full of eyeballs and glittery spiders. 

I wrapped the wreath in black leaves and attached the roses using hot glue. The black leaves were in my craft supply stash, so I'm not sure where I purchased them. However, the Dollar Tree has leaves, and you can paint them black or whatever color you want. The wreath now has eyes, and it can see you! 👀

A few years ago, I upcycled a pair of maternity shorts into Halloween Witch Stockings, and I decided to add those to this wreath.

The orange ribbon I used on these was purchased from the Dollar Tree. I will share a post detailing how I made these witch stockings soon.
Here are the Halloween signs, skeletons, and witch hats I purchased from the Dollar Tree to include on this wreath.

I bought two Halloween signs, but I decided to stay with the witch theme this wreath and chose the sign with the witchy feet. I also found a Halloween themed birdhouse in my craft supply stash. I love including birdhouses on my wreaths.

The wreath is all done, and I've circled some of the spooky creatures on the wreath. I had to add a raven sitting on top of the spooky Halloween birdhouse.

I usually wait until October 1st to decorate for Halloween, so I will display my new wreath on our front door as soon as October arrives!


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