Sep 10, 2018

Dollar Store Craft Challenge: Floral Candy Corn Wreath

It's time for the Dollar Store Craft Challenge! I've joined with several of my blogging friends for the September Dollar Store Craft Challenge, and we're each creating a project using items from the Dollar Store. Since Fall is just around the corner, I decided to make a candy corn wreath using flowers from the Dollar Tree.

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I created this wreath using supplies that I already had in my stash, and I also went to the local Dollar Tree store to purchase white, orange, and yellow flowers. I just love candy corn crafts!

Triangle shaped wreath form
white flowers
orange flowers
yellow flowers
floral wire

There are so many colorful flowers at the Dollar Tree...

 These are the flowers I selected. I love that they have pinecones in the center.

I found this wreath form in my stash. I originally was going to use it to make a Christmas Tree wreath.

I used floral wire to create a grid within the wreath form.

Now I can attach the flowers.

I added white flowers to the pointy end of the wreath form.

I recently bought a new glue gun because my old one was covered in old glue...

For this project, I chose the orange chevron burlap ribbon.

 After all the flowers were glued onto the wreath form, I cut pieces of burlap ribbon to make a bow.

Here's the bow.
Here's the wreath hanging up. I found this orange wreath hanger at the Dollar Tree, too!

I also have another floral wreath project planned that I'll share soon! Thanks for stopping by to check out my wreath!


  1. Your candy corn wreath is adorable! What a terrific idea!

  2. I just love candy corn colors, so cheerful! Aren't you clever giving a tree form a makeover with a bit of wire?! Thank you for the step by step directions. 'Great idea. Your wreath is perfect for Fall! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


    1. Thanks so much Marci! I love candy corn colors, too!

  3. Love this!!! Great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. Your candy corn flower wreath is such a fun idea, T'onna! I love it! What a great way to use dollar store flowers. Pinning to my fall decor board.

  5. So clever. I want to turn it upside down to look more like candy corn. I've pinned to my Dollar Store Craft board.

  6. Oh my goodness this is so unique and lovely! What a clever idea for a floral wreath! pinning

  7. Adorable candy corn! I love the burlap bow and it's so unique.

  8. It is so pretty! I love candy corn too especially all of the creative Fall decor I keep seeing talented folks make like this. How clever to use the tree form too.
    My old glue gun is from 1980 something, covered in glue but still works well so I still use it but I did buy a new smaller one anyway. The smaller one is nice for tight spaces.

  9. I need one of these. So happy you posted this.

  10. Candy corn design is so fun for fall and how smart to use the Christmas tree frame! Love the burlap ribbon. It's perfect!