July 5, 2017

Wonder Woman [Inspired] Crochet Hook

As a fan of Wonder Woman, I couldn't resist creating a Wonder Woman [Inspired] Crochet Hook. For this hook, I used a size F/4mm Clover crochet hook, which is my favorite size hook and brand hook. I just love the way the yarn glides off the Clover hooks.

I prefer using Sculpey polymer clay and other Sculpey products when creating my hooks. I used a Clover hook that had a rubber grip on it, and I removed the rubber and worked with just the metal hook. Oftentimes, when I crochet with hooks with the rubber, I end up getting calluses on my hands. I guess I grip them too tight.

For this hook, I used Sculpey Polymer Clay in the colors Red Hot RedLagoon, White, and Gold polymer clay. I use Sculpey Oven Bake Clay Bake and Bond Clay Softener and Gloss Glaze  when creating hooks. Sometimes you need the clay softener to soften tough clay. Bake and bond is applied to the metal hook to bond the clay to it. And after I bake the hook, I apply the glaze.

I used a star shape cutter to create the stars. I tried to recreate the Wonder Woman logo... I also made a matching stitch marker when I completed the hook.I added a 10mm x 3mm Mini Silver Metal Hoop Eye Pin Screw to the top of the crochet hook and the stitch marker, so they can be attached.

I often use this hook while working on my many crochet projects, and I love it!

Here are all the polymer clay hooks I've created so far... The Bronze Goddess Hook, Seahawks [Inspired] Football Hook, Pepperoni Pizza Hook, Carrot Hook, and the Wonder Woman Hook.


  1. I love these!! I've wanted to try this on some of my hooks, but was worried the polymer clay would make the hook too heavy and be uncomfortable to use. Have you had any issues with the weight of the hooks?

  2. Thanks! The clay doesn't add much weight to the hook. It's still light weight. Sometimes if the hook is too bulky it can be awkward to crochet with.

  3. What a great way to add interesting to the crochet hooks!!! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration Link Party :)


  4. How much is the Wonder Woman hook?