February 21, 2017

Bronze Goddess Crochet Hook

Lately, I've become obsessed with browsing on Instagram. I've found so many inspirational crafters on Instagram. I've recently discovered that there are a few ladies who make beautiful crochet hooks. I ordered one for a friend as a Christmas gift, and I loved her hook. I should've ordered one for myself, but I decided to make my own instead. It just seemed like something fun to do.

So I went to a few different craft stores and bought my supplies, which included polymer clay, a clay roller, Bake & Bond, and a mold of faces.

Since I mostly use Clover hooks now, I have a stash of old hooks that I no longer use. So for this project, I selected my former favorite bronze hook for this project.

Since I love the shape of my Yarnology hook, I used it as a guide when sculpting the main body of my hook.
I used a couple videos on YouTube for tips on making clay crochet hooks. After sculpting the body of the hook, I used the mold of faces to created faces in the different clays. For this project, I used bronze, gold, brown, black, and graphite clay. Since this was my favorite hook, and it is bronze, I decided that the lady at the top of the hook would be bronze and she has twisted hair (like me). She has one long twist that wraps around the hook down to the other faces.

At the top of the hook, I've stamped the size of the hook. I prefer to work with a size F or G hook. After I finished sculpting the clay hook, I followed the baking instructions, and then my hook was all done.

I've been enjoying using my hook on several projects including my 2016 Temperature Blanket that is still unfinished... 😛 My goal is to have it finished by the end of March.

I also used the Bronze Goddess Crochet Hook to create my Puppy Love Messy Bun Beanies.

 I've also used the hook with my favorite yarn ever to create a messy bun beanie for myself.

But mostly recently (yesterday), I used the hook while crocheting a 🍕pizza🍕 scarf, which is such a fun project! I look forward to finishing it and sharing pictures soon!

I enjoyed making this hook, and I definitely plan to make more hooks soon. I must have a Seahawks [inspired] crochet hook and a Wonder Woman [inspired] hook. So stop by again soon to see what I'm up to!

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