December 19, 2016

Silver & Gold Mini Christmas Wreath

When Christmas time rolls round, I enjoy decorating my home and getting in the Christmas spirit. I love making wreaths, and when it's Christmas time, I don't just make one Christmas wreath for the front door, I make at least two or three to display inside our home. I'm always revamping old wreaths, so this year, I made some changed to my Silver and Gold Mini Christmas Wreath.

This wreath is now on it's fourth transformation. Originally, it was strictly silver and gold with a silver and gold tinsel wreath form, the gold ornaments, and the silver bells that I purchased from the Dollar Tree.  This little wreath was beyond easy to make.  I simply used my handy dandy glue gun to glue the bells and ornaments onto the wreath, and then I stuck the Merry Christmas sign in the middle.  It's not even glued on!

Last year, I decided to change the wreath up a little bit by adding a glittery apple and pine cone pick to the wreath, and I moved the ornaments and bells around. I added a little blue glitter to the pine one since we had a Frozen Themed Christmas last year.

This year I decided to add another pine cone pick to the wreath. This pine cone pick also has a small green present, which is perfect because we are having a Seahawks Themed Christmas. I made a Crochet Granny Square Christmas Tree Skirt in Seahawks colors and a set of four Crochet Gingerbread Stockings in Seahawks colors.

I like to display this mini wreath by hanging it on my mini deer head in the living room.

on the deer head...

Happy Holidays!


  1. These are so cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    Happy and Healthy New Year!!