December 10, 2016

Gingerbread Stocking #4

I've been super busy crocheting Christmas stocking for my family. To make my stockings, I used Red Heart's free pattern for Gingerbread Stockings. Since we have a Seahawks themed Christmas Tree and Seahawks inspired Christmas Tree Skirt, I crocheted the stockings with Red Heart yarns in Seahawk colors. The yarns I used for this stocking are Red Heart Super Saver in Grey Heather, Glowworm, Blue Suede, and Silver. For the gingerbread man, I used Red Heart Soft in Toast. This stocking is for my husband! 😁
Since the body of the stocking is gray, I did the ribbing in blue and green (Go Seahawks!). The stocking hanger is green as well.

With this pattern, the stocking is made starting with the top ribbing and worked down. It's a pretty easy pattern to follow.

Here's the completed body of the stocking before adding the gingerbread.

When I made the stockings, I made the gingerbread people in pairs. I gave this gingerbread guy a blue heart, and the gingerbread lady is wearing a blue dress, which will have a green heart sewn onto it.

After completing the body of the stocking, you sew on the gingerbread boy/girl.

Ta-Da! This stocking is ready to be stuffed with fun gifts!

Here are our family's stockings!

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