September 30, 2016

Olaf Trick-Or-Treat Bucket

This year my daughter decided she wants to be Princess Anna for Halloween. So I found her a Princess Anna costume, crocheted a hat and cape, and dug out her Olaf Trick-or-Treat Bucket from last Halloween. Last year, she used this bucket when she dressed up as Queen Elsa of Arendale.

I used a glow in the dark pumpkin bucket from the Dollar Tree. My husband came up with the bright idea to use nail polish remover to jack o' lantern face. Genius!

I used black, white, and orange felt to make Olaf's face. I used Google Images to find a picture of Olaf's face. I traced out the parts of his face and cut them out in felt.

Then I taped a printout of the face inside the bucket, so that I could hot glue the parts of Olaf's face in the right place.

Ta-da! I was really pleased when my daughter saw her trick or treat bucket this morning and she exclaimed, "Olaf!" I was worried that it wouldn't look like Olaf, but she recognized her snowman friend right away.

Olaf loves candy & warm hugs!

I'm excited about Halloween and taking my little one trick or treating. I hope that everyone has fun and is SAFE!


  1. What a great bucket makeover! How clever! Thanks for sharing at the Halloween Blog Hop! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. What a cute idea Monroe, I wish I was younger than I could have one too! Happy Halloween.