April 5, 2016

Magazine Lamp Table Makeover

I recently purchased brand new night stands that actually match! So I no longer have a need for my magazine lamp table, so this is my farewell to my magazine lamp table that I gave a makeover to a few years ago.

It was the perfect nightstand because it has a lamp and a place for me to store my books that I read just before bed (sometimes).  It was given to me about 10 years ago by an old neighbor who was about to deploy to Iraq.  He was packing up his stuff to either put in storage or throw out/give away.  So he offered me this magazine lamp table and a framed Scarface picture.  He later decided that he wanted his Scarface picture back. (LOL)  Anyhoo... Here's how the table used to look:

So I started the makeover by jazzing up the lampshade:

I pinned a piece of fabric to the lampshade. I used a fabric pencil to trace the outline of the lamp shade section onto the wrong side of the fabric.

I used fabric glue to glue on the fabric and my hot glue gun to glue on the marbles. 

At first, I was going to put the ladies fabric on every other section of the lampshade and leave some blank, but I decided to put a different lady in each section of the lampshade. I also decided to remove the marbles from the bottom of the shade, and I glued the red and white feathers around the bottom instead.

I added the feathers and black marbles.... and Voilรก !

with the light on...

A couple months after giving the lamp shade a makeover, I finally decided the paint the table top using chalkboard paint. And the transformation was complete.

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