February 20, 2016

Upholstered Kitchen Bar Stools

The kitchen in our new home has a counter that is also a bar, so I was glad when I stumbled upon three bar stools at the local Goodwill. Although we have a dining room table, we prefer to eat at the counter and sit on our new stools. It just seems like more fun!

This is how the stools looked when I first purchased them. I did not like the fabric at all, and the seats were dirty.
 See.... The seats are dirty. I can't let my family sit on that!

I bought this fabric bundle, and I thought it would be fun to cover the seats in coordinating fabrics instead of using the same fabric on each seat.

 I think the fabric goes with my kitchen decor pretty well.

I used my handy dandy staple gun to affix the new fabrics to the seats. This is a quick and easy process.  

All three stools... Which fabric do you like best of the three? 


  1. I love thrift shopping. The chairs look great at the bar. I would have never thought to use coordinating fabric. The colors match you kitchen d├ęcor perfectly. Nice upcycle.