January 28, 2016

Frozen (Inspired) Vanity Reading Nook

I've been working on my daughter's Frozen themed room for a while now, and I've noticed that she likes to sit on her vanity like it's an actual seat. So I decided to make a cushion for it and create a reading nook in her room. But before I sewed the cushion, I had to do a little painting.
BEFORE: This vanity used to be in my bedroom, but when we moved, there wasn't a place for it in our master bedroom, so I handed it down to my daughter. I kept the body of the vanity glossy black and painted the drawers with glittery turquoise paint.

AFTER: The glittery paint doesn't always show up well on camera, but it's pretty in person!  I think the cushion and the drawers match pretty well.

The cushion has Olaf fabric on one side and Elsa fabric on the other. The Olaf fabric is my favorite, but my daughter loves the Elsa fabric.

These Ikea spice racks were pink, but I repainted them blue. She has a shelf of Frozen books, Llama Llama books, bedtime stories, and random fun books. She loves reading stories.

I originally had embroidery hoops with Frozen fabrics on the wall above the vanity, but my daughter was fascinated by them and kept taking them off the wall, so I put a castle mirror on the wall instead.

Here's the reading nook with the castle mirror that I love! I've caught my daughter staring at herself in the mirror. Anyhoo, I hope my daughter will enjoy her new reading nook.


  1. Oh my this is very cute, I love the teal! Perfect size too.

    1. Thanks so much for you lovely comment!