Feb 10, 2017

Heart Eyes Emoji Pillow

Have you tried c2c (corner to corner) crochet yet? I recently tried a c2c pattern I found at Repeat Crafter Me, and I am now in love with c2c crochet. It's so much fun! I made a heart eyes emoji pillow. I was going to make all the emojis into pillows, but I think I want to make a throw instead. So I'll be making more c2c emojis soon!
I printed off the graph provided by Repeat Crafter Me, and I marked off the squares as I completed them.

The heart eyes emoji is complete!

I crocheted a back for the pillow, stitched it together, and stuffed it.

I plan to make more emoji pillows soon! For this pillow, I use Caron Simply Soft in White, Sunshine, Harvest Red, and Chocolate.

I think I'll keep this little pillow in my craft room for now.

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    1. This is super cute! There's so much emoji merchandise out there but it's so much nicer to have homemade pieces. Thanks for linking up! #fridayfrivolity

    2. Adorable and fun! Thanks for sharing your posts with me at Brag About it this week :) Pinning to share!

      1. Thanks so much for pinning, Laurie!!