February 4, 2017

Puppy Love Messy Bun Beanies

Valentine's Day is just 10 days away, and when I think of Valentine's Day, I think of ♥hearts♥. So today I'm sharing a few messy bun beanies I've made using the Puppy Love Slouchy Hat pattern by Whistle & Ivy. These hats are so fun to make, and you can make them with so many color combinations.

The first Puppy Love Messy Bun Beanie I made featured Seahawks colors. The main color of the hat is gray and it has alternating rows of blue and green hearts. I made one for myself since I am a Seahakws fan. And I recently made on for an Etsy customer.
 Here I am wearing my Puppy Love Messy Bun Beanie in Seahawks colors.

An Etsy customer liked my Seahawks [inspired] hat, so she ordered one and also requested one in Raiders colors.

I'm not a Raiders fan, but black and silver/gray is a great color combo! 

These hats are versatile. Since they have a drawstring, you can leave an opening for you bun or ponytail, or you can use the drawstring to close the opening and wear they hat as a slouchy beanie.I love having options! Each hat has fun pom-poms on the ends of the drawstrings.

After the costumer received her messy bun hats in Seahawks and Raiders colors, she request a couple more hats. She wanted a black hat with pink hearts, and she wanted a hat with LuLaRoe colors. 

 I searched through my massive yarn stash for the perfect colors for the LuLaRoe [inspired] hat. I ended up using Caron Simply Soft's White, Sunshine, Persimmon, Strawberry, Watermelon, Robin's Egg Blue, Berry Blue, and Lavender. 

I found this hat to be the most fun to make. I enjoyed using so many bright colors. It reminds me of a rainbow.

Rainbow hearts!

Here's how the hats look from behind.

I really enjoyed making these versatile hats, and I will be making more soon and listing them in my Etsy shop.


  1. They are fabulous, thank you for sharing with the stash party. :)

  2. This is so creative! The seahawks colors aremy favorite. Thanks for linking up today! #fridayfrivolity

  3. Very cute! I love these!

  4. Super adorable! Love the picture with you wearing the hat!! Pinned to share. Have a great week ahead!

  5. The Puppy Love Hat and Cowl have been on my list since they first came out (shame on me for not getting to them yet!). Love how you turned the hat into a messy bun version with the drawstrings! It might even be able to double as a cowl like this - have you tried? I think the rainbow one is adorable! But for me personal, I'd probably pick the black and silver (no sports preference, ha!). Cute hats! You should include how you make them open with the drawstrings for others who don't want the regular beanie.


  6. Thanks! I don't think the hat is big enough to wear as a cowl. I haven't tried the cowl pattern yet, but I might one day soon!