Frozen Themed Bedroom

Like most little girls her age, my daughter LOVES Frozen. She loves Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. So when we moved here to our new home about a year ago, I decided that I'd give her new bedroom a Frozen theme, and I've been working on it ever since! Now, I think I'm DONE! I have been rearranging her furniture all week. I think I've done all I can do with this room. I've created a bed canopy, reading nook, painted a dresser, and made a Frozen puzzle gallery wall. In the process, I've put so many holes in the walls! But I have nail hole filler, so it should be okay.
Here's my daughter's Frozen Inspired Bed Canopy that I made using a trough planter, curtains, and my daughter's old PJs. I cut up her pink, purple, and blue pajamas and used the fabric to make rosettes which I glued to the planter. I also made her a new satin, Frozen Pillowcase (the pillow on the right).

Originally, I had embroidery hoops above the vanity in the reading nook, but my daughter was fascinated by them and kept taking them off the wall. She loosened the fabric in a couple of the hoops, so I decided to move them to another wall out of her reach.
I found this cute castle mirror while shopping, and the colors match my daughter's room perfectly, and it's a castle! So I put it above the vanity. The bookshelves are Ikea spice racks, and I originally painted them pink to match her old room's pink ladybug theme, so I repainted them blue. I've noticed that my daughter likes to sit in the vanity, so I made a cushion for her to sit on. Oh... and I painted the drawers with turquoise glitter paint. Surprisingly, the black paint is just regular black gloss paint, not my usual chalkboard paint. 

I just love the Elsa and Anna fabric pictures I found. I put them above her toy shelf. I had a hard time figuring out where to put the Elsa poster, but I think it's found a home.

I painted her Frozen Inspired Chalkboard Dresser with chalkboard paint, pink glitter paint, turquoise glitter paint, and purple glitter paint. I put some embroidery hoops with Frozen fabrics on the wall. These were above her reading nook, but I moved them.

My favorite part of her room is the Frozen Puzzle Gallery Wall. I used sticks we found at the playground to frame the puzzles. I've found even more Frozen puzzles, so I will add them to the gallery wall soon. I'll have to go hunting for more sticks!

Oh, and I recently added this Frozen rug to her room. I really like it. I think it's such a pretty rug!

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