December 25, 2023

Santa & Reindeer Scarf

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying the day and spending time with family and friends and good food! Anyhoo, I recently crocheted the Santa's Reindeer Sampler Scarf (pattern by Snappy Tots), and I've used this pattern before a couple times, but in the past, I never put Santa on the scarf. I think I was intimidated by his loopy beard. Well, I finally did it. I finally crocheted that loopy beard, and it turned out all right!

I usually like to use a size 4mm crochet hook. I think the pattern says to used a 5mm crochet hook. The reindeer were crocheted with  Red Heart Soft Toast (medium brown) and Caron Simply Soft Chocolate (dark brown). Since this is a Christmas project, I had to use some cute Christmas sweater stitch markers. 

I crocheted Santa's face with Caron Simply Soft Light Country Peach. Crocheting his loopy beard wasn't as bad as I thought. The pattern is pretty easy for follow. 

After the base of the scarf is complete, I crocheted the dark green line for the Christmas lights with Caron Simply Soft Dark Sage.

Then, I crocheted the reindeer's ears, antlers, eyes, noses, holly (Caron Simply Soft Kelly Green), blue scarf (Caron Simply Soft Cobalt Blue), a Santa hat, a wreath (Caron Simply Soft Kelly Green), and Santa's rosie cheeks (Caron Simply Soft Strawberry).

I used a yarn needle to stitch on the eyes, noses, antlers, etc. I used two small black buttons for Santa's eyes. 

I used tiny (3mm) black pom poms for the reindeer's eyes. I used small red pom poms for the berries on the holly, and Rudolph's nose is a sparkly red pom pom. I also used colorful pom poms for the reindeer that has Christmas lights tangled up in his antlers. I used Aleene's Quick Dry Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive to attach the pom poms to the scarf.

šŸŽ…Santa's ReindeeršŸ¦Œ

After I finished giving all the reindeer their faces, I crocheted the Christmas lights and sewed them onto the white section of the scarf. The lights were crocheted with Caron Simply Soft Kelly GreenCaron Simply Soft LimelightCaron Simply Soft Harvest RedCaron Simply Soft SunshineCaron Simply Soft Persimmon, and Caron Simply Soft Cobalt Blue.

And here's a close up of Santa. I ended up blocking his beard to get it to lay down a little bit better. I forgot to take a pic after it was blocked! I used a small Clover Pom Pom Maker to make the pom pom for his hat.

This scarf is 88.5 inches long and 4 inches wide.

I listed this scarf in my Etsy shop, and it sold a few days later. I will consider making one next year in time for the Christmas season. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my Reindeer Scarf! Happy Holidays!

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