February 13, 2023

Potted Cactus Scarf

I've been waiting for a couple years for Twinkie Chan to release her Potted Cactus Scarf pattern, and she finally did. I immediately purchased the pattern from her Etsy shop and searched my yarn stash to figure out which yarns to use for this project. My goal every year is to use up as much yarn in my stash as possible. I have a good amount of green yarn, so I gathered all the yarns and got started.


I read through the pattern first to see what colorways of green Twinkie Chan used. For the light green, Twinkie Chan used Vanna's Choice Lime, but I somehow don't have that one in my stash! I was tempted to order it, but NO! My goal is to use up the yarn I already have and not buy anymore. So, I remembered I have some Caron Cakes Pistachio in my stash. I used the light green section of this yarn before to make a Garden Salad Scarf. I have already cut out sections of this yarn and rolled them into balls, so I grabbed a couple balls of the light green yarn and the darkest shade of green for this cactus scarf.

Here are the yarns I used for this project. Caron Cakes PistachioVanna's Choice Kelly GreenVanna's Choice TerracottaVanna's Choice WhiteVanna's Choice Scarlet (not pictured), and a small amount of coral and yellow yarn.

First, I crocheted the terracotta pots with the Vanna's Choice Terracotta yarn.

Next, I crochet the cacti in 4 different shades of green. There are 2 of each kind of cactus.

Next, I sewed the cacti to the terracotta pots.

Next, I sewed all the potted cacti together.

Then it was time to add the embellishments. I crocheted flowers for the prickly pear cacti.

I sewed the flowers onto the cactus.

I made white pom poms to add to the tops of the blue candle cacti.

The golden barrel cactus has yellow flowers that are made by creating fringe with yellow yarn.

This scarf is about 65 inches long. I really didn't use much of my green yarn to create this scarf, so I'll definitely make a couple more to help reduce my stash of green.

This is such a fun and unique scarf. I enjoyed making it and plan on making a couple more for my Etsy shop. I've already added this scarf to my shop, and it is ready to ship!

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my Potted Cactus Scarf! I'm sharing this fun scarf for the February Craft De-Stash Blog Hop Challenge hosted by Beverly from Across the Blvd. This month, my blogging friends and I are sharing projects created using supplies that are already in our craft supply stashes. Please scroll down to check out their crafty creations.↓

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  1. Your scarf is too cute, T'onna! You never cease to amaze me with your crochet creativity and skills!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is adorable! I absolutely love it! You're such a talented lady. Pinned!

  3. You are so very talented! I love this snuggly scarf! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Just when I think you can't possibly top your last creation, you prove me wrong. LOVE your cactus scarf!!

  5. Your talent and creativity never cease to amaze me. Featuring when my party opens!