December 27, 2022

Seahawks Themes Christmas Tree 2022

For the past several years, I have decorated our Christmas tree with a Seahawks theme. I decorate it with blue tinsel garland, dark blue ornaments, green ornaments, silver icicles, and several Seahawks ornaments. I even crocheted a few Seahawks ornaments. Also, I place a crochet granny square tree skirt around the bottom of our Seahawks tree. I made the tree skirt with different shades of blue and green yarns. Usually, our tree is a prelit white tree with blue lights. However, this year.... We have a REAL Christmas tree. This is my frist time ever having real Christmas tree, even though my mom said her family had real trees when she was a kid; we never had a real tree. I always thought real trees were complicated and difficult, but they're not! You just need to water the darn thing! lol 
My husband unwrapped the tree and proceeeded to fluff it.

First, I added the blue garland. Then my husband added the lights. My kiddos decorated the tree with the green and blue ornament balls and silver icicles. Then I added the Seahawks ornaments.

I crocheted the ornament with the Seahawks face a few years ago. It's still holding up. I purchased the stocking ornament from the Dollar Tree and added green bells to it. A few of my favorite Seahawk ornaments are in this pic like the Seahawks TV and sneaker.

I love these Seahawks ornaments, too, especially the jacket.

A cat ornament snuck on the tree... 😁

I really love my Seahawks camper ornament. 

The Seahawks wagon is another fave. The peanuts and drink are part of the Seahawks Snack Pack ornament set

I like the Seahawks truck with the tree on the back. The other blue SUV ornament kind of reminds me of my actual SUV.

We watched the Wizard of Oz while decorating the tree.

I usually add presents under the tree as I buy them and wrap them, but I wasn't sure how our youngest kitty would act with presents under the tree. So I put the presents under the tree the night before Christmas. I forgot to take a picture! Anyhoo, thanks for checking out my Seahawks themed tree. I think I'm going to change the theme next year....🎄

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