January 20, 2022

Valentines Day Robot Gumball Machine (Dollar Tree Craft)

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Valentine's Day is less than a month away, so I've made a few Valentine's Day creations. I recently shared a Valentine's Day Wreath that's on my front door, and now I have a Valentine's Day Robot Gumball Machine in my craft room. I've been wanting to create a gumball machine style project for a while, and I'm so glad to finally get around to it. So I venture to Dollar Tree to see what Valentine's Day craft supplies I could find for this project, and boy oh boy did they have a lot of Valentine's Day decor, craft kits, flowers, and other supplies.
As soon as I entered the store, I saw hearts, pink, and red everywhere! It was awesome!

Here are the items I picked up for this project. Of course, I bought a few other things while at the Dollar Tree! My kiddos love having movie night, so I got few popcorn bowls. Their popcorn bowls could be used to create a Valentine's Day movie night gift basket. You could include some yummy candy, a bottle of soda or hot cocoa, and of course popcorn! Anyhoo, I'm obsessed with stickers, and the Dollar Tree always has the best stickers, so I always check out the sticker section when I'm there. I bought some cool food themed stickers

I made a video while crafting this project, so you can check it out, or look through the pictures of my process below.

I decided to create the gumball machine with a round terrarium and a square jar.

I applied hot glue to the lid of the jar.

Then I placed the terrarium on top of the glue on the lid.

I used the hearts from this craft kit to create a face for the robot.

I glued the eyes and pink pom pom nose onto the heart, and then I glued the heart onto the robot's head to give it a cute heart face.

The craft kit with the hearts also included some white pipe cleaners, so I folded two of them in half and threaded them through the circle at the top of the terrarium head to create antennas for the robot.  The Pom-Pom Critter Craft Kit has silver pom-poms, which I glued to the top of the antennas.

 I also glued a couple silver pom-poms to the sides of the robot's head.

The craft kit with the hearts also included pieces to create cupcakes. The bottom of the cupcake reminds me of the opening in a gumball machine where you get the candy/gum...

 ...So I glued it onto the bottom portion of the robot gumball machine.

I bought a couple of these Valentine's Day Door Hangers, and I removed the bow and a red heart and two white hearts. I glued the hearts to the bow and attached them to the robot.

I really like the bow. 👄

I glued the bow onto the robot.

Even though I'm making a "gumball machine," I'm adding candy instead of gum. While at the Dollar Tree, I found some bags of Dubble Bubble Very Cherry Gumballs, and I put them in my cart. But then I thought that the silver foil wrappers on the Kisses would give the gumball machine a a more metallic and robotic look.

I like that the terrarium has an opening in the back, so I can reach in and grab some candy without opening up the jar portion on the lower half of the robot.

Ta-Da! My Valentine's Day Robot Gumball Machine is complete! I've named him Robby. 😁

Now, Robby is on my yarn shelf with a couple other pieces of Valentine's Day decor. I'm thinking that I should head back to the Dollar Tree to get another heart-shaped wreath form to create a Valentine's Day wreath for my craft room! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my Valentine's Day Robot Gumball Machine! And make sure you stop by the Dollar Tree's Valentine's Day Shop to see what you can find to create your own crafty Valentine's Day creation.


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  3. So cute, T'onna! My grandkids would be all over this. Time for a trip to the dollar store.

    1. Thanks! My kids loved it, and my son wanted to name it. 😄