October 30, 2021

Halloween Masks

Halloween is tomorrow, and all month long, my kids have been wearing Halloween masks to school. I searched through my stash of fabric to find every bit of Halloween fabric I had, and I also stopped by the fabric store to look for more fun Halloween fabrics. Lately, I've been making 3D No Fog Face Masks, which provide more room for talking and breathing! My glasses also don't fog up as much with this mask style.
Here's a fabric bundle I found at the fabric store. I love finding cute fabric bundles because I love cute coordinating fabrics. I made matching masks for my kiddos and myself with this fabric.

I had enough of this fabric to make masks for me and kids. (I didn't make Halloween masks for the hubby because he can't wear them at work.) My daughter wears the same size masks as me, so to differentiate between our masks, I add colorful adjustable ear bands to her masks and use black ear bands for my masks. My son's masks looks so tiny in person.😊

My kiddos love cats, so when I found this fabric in my stash, I knew I had to use it for their Halloween masks.

I was also glad to find this fabric featuring black cats. I had just enough to make a mask for each of my kiddos.

I found a fabric quarter of this fun black cat fabric, and I made this mask for myself.

I was sooooooo sad that I only had enough of this fun Halloween fabric to make a mask for my little boy. I wish I had enough to make masks for us all. I even looked around at the fabric stores and online with no luck.

This mask is all mine. I really love this fabric, and I only had a small amount left in my stash. I also tried to find more, but I know I bought this fabric about 8 or 9 years ago when I used it to make a Trick-or-Treat bag for my daughter.

I only had a enough of this fabric to make a witchy mask for myself. 

I made this fun Owloween mask for my son.

This mask is made with another awesome Halloween fabric that I only had a small amount of, so I made this mask for my son. I really wish I had more of this fabric.

I made these two matching masks for my daughter and me. I really like the great colors in this fabric.

Yesterday, my kids' school allowed the students to wear Halloween costumes. My kiddos decided to be Pokemon characters this year. My son is Sobble, and my daughter is Pikachu. So of course, I had to make them Pokemon masks. I guess Pikachu is the most popular of the Pokemon because it's so easy to find Pikachu fabric. Since my son's Sobble mask is blue, I made his mask with Pikachu fabric that has a blue background. My daughter's yellow Pikachu mask is covered in several Pikachus. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my Halloween masks! I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. Happy Halloween!

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