March 29, 2021

Fun Masks for School

As of last month, both of my kiddos were back in school for a couple hours a day, and since Covid is still out there... the kiddos are wearing masks to school. So of course, I had to make sure my kiddos have fun and comfy masks to wear. With the masks I made before, I used regular ⅛ elastic, and sometimes that would hurt the little ears if we were out and about for a while. So I searched online and found some comfy (and colorful) adjustable elastic earloops. I wish I had found them sooner! They're so easy to sew on, and my kiddos love them. To create my masks, I use the Fitted Mask Pattern by Sew Poppy Red.
My son loves superheroes, especially Spiderman, so whenever I find cool Spiderman fabric, I have to buy it to make masks for him. He also likes Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But Spiderman is his fave.

I really like the TMNT fabric with the pizzas and turtles.

I tried to match the ear loops to the masks. These green ear loops are perfect.

My daughter loves Wonder Woman.

Just like with Spiderman fabric, whenever I see cute Wonder Woman fabric, I have to buy it. These fabrics have other superheroes on them as well. I liked because able to add the red and yellow ear loops to her masks to match the fabric.

Here are some more masks I made for my daughter. She loves cats, so I used the last bit of cat fabric in my fabric stash to make her the kitty mask.

My son loves Forky, so I had to buy this Forky fabric. I made matching masks for the kiddos (actually my husband and I also have Forky masks. lol) I used the blue ear loops for my son's mask and the yellow ear loops for my daughter's mask.

I also made matching Mickey & Minnie Mouse masks for them. 

And of course, I made Seahawks masks. Sometimes, the students wear Seahawks gear to school on Fridays, so we have to have Seahawks masks! I have Carolina Panthers fabric in my stash because I was born in North Carolina, and my parents still like the Panthers, so I bought the fabric with them in mind. I made them some Panthers masks, I just haven't sent them to them yet!

Thanks for checking out my masks!


  1. I know a few adults who would love to wear those masks too. Good luck with school now that they are back. #HomeMattersParty

    1. Thanks! I made masks for myself and my husband using these same fabrics. I get lots of compliments on my Wonder Woman masks. lol