April 10, 2020

DIY Face Masks

I spent  few days this week sewing masks for family. I made masks for me, my two kiddos, my husband (who returned from deployment this week), my parents, and my in-laws. We've been staying home only going out maybe once a week to pick up things at the store. During out last outing, we had our masks. I have family members who have weekly doctors appointments, so I want to make sure they have some masks to wear while they're out. So I searched through my large fabric stash for some cool fabrics to make masks for my loved ones.

I had a lot of fabric quarters, so I mostly used those.

The late night making process was fueled by coffee! I had a small amount of elastic, so I also used bias tape to create ties for my masks. To create masks with bias tape ties, I followed this video tutorial on Youtube: How to Sew a Bias Tape Surgical Face Mask with Flexible Nose by Sweet Red Poppy.

I also made a few masks with elastic. For these, I followed the DIY Fabric Face Mask | Hobby Lobby® tutorial on YouTube.  

 My mom loves Mickey Mouse, so I made this mask for her. I made her another Mickey Mouse mask, but I forgot to take a picture of it. I was rushing to make masks and get them mailed off. This mask has a filter pocket and a nose.... thingy. lol

My mother-in-law likes owls, so I made this mask for her.

My daughter and I like Wonder Woman, so these are our masks.

I made these masks for my husband and son. The TMNT mask is for my son. 

These masks are for my sailor/hubby. I also make a couple more navy blue and black masks like these for my dad and my father-in-law. So... When I made these masks, I wasn't thinking about how the Navy changed their uniform to a tan and green camo, so I will make him a couple more masks in those colors to wear to work. I used the DIY Fabric Face Mask | Hobby Lobby® video tutorial to make these masks, and it was so easy! I've been searching for more elastic to make more.

So those are some of the masks I've created. Here are the links to the video tutorials I used:  How to Sew a Bias Tape Surgical Face Mask with Flexible Nose by Sweet Red Poppy  and DIY Fabric Face Mask | Hobby Lobby®.


  1. I made myself a mask with that Wonder Woman fabric too! Love it!

  2. Absolutely LOVE your choice of fabrics! I'm waiting for my new machine to arrive to make some more. Mine finally gave up last weekend. Featuring these when my party opens up!

  3. Your fabric selections are great for getting kids to wear a mask too. And just fun for adults. Thanks for sharing them this week at #HomeMattersParty