November 9, 2019

Dog Man Inspired Crochet Hat

Last month, my daughter told me she wanted to dress up as Bark Knight for the Book Character Parade at her school. Each quarter the students have an Accelerated Reader goal, and if they meet that goal, they get to dress up as their favorite book character and participate in a parade around the school. So my daughter reached her Accelerated Reader goal, and she asked to dress up as Bark Knight from the Dog Man books. I thought it would be a cool idea to crochet a hat as part of the costume, so I searched through my stash of yarn to find the perfect yarns create the hat. [I made this hat without using a pattern, and I did not create a pattern, so there is no pattern available. Also, I only made this hat for my daughter. I'm not making more to sell.]

I created this hat without a pattern. I started off the hat with Vanna's Choice Colonial Blue yarn. I crocheted this hat with a 5mm Clover hook.

Then I added a couple rows of Vanna's Choice Sky Blue yarn. 

Then I added a few rows of Vanna's Choice Honey yarn, and I crocheted the ear flaps.

I crocheted a nose with Vanna's Choice Honey yarn, and I crocheted the eyes with Vanna's Choice Black and Vanna's Choice White yarn. And then I showed my progress to my friend who also crochets. She noticed that I should have crocheted a couple rows of dark blue after the rows of light blue....

So I frogged (unraveled) the rows of Vanna's Choice Honey, added a couple rows of Vanna's Choice Colonial Blue, and then continued again with the Vanna's Choice Honey to finish off the body of the hat... again. 😁

Next, I stitched the eyes onto the hat with a yarn needle

Then I added the snout...

Next, I crocheted a couple ears and stitched them to the top of the hat.

I added a big black pom pom for the nose and mini black pom poms around it. I used the Vanna's Choice Colonial BlueVanna's Choice Sky Blue, and Vanna's Choice Honey yarn to created braided ties for the hat, and it as complete. 

I'm such a major procraftinator (procrastinator), so I finished this hat the night before the Book Character Parade. My daughter was very happy with her new hat. Yay! 

When I attended the Book Parade, I saw several other kiddos dressed up as Dog Man. Kids really love these books!

Check out the rest of her  Dog Man inspired Costume, which I made with items from the dollar store. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. How cute is that? I like it and the colors! Thanks so much for linking up with me at the Unlimited Monthly Link Party 22. Shared!