August 20, 2019

C2C Scarf with Pockets

Welcome to the August Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop, hosted by My Pinterventures. The purpose of this Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all the participants of this hop (and you too) to not just pin, but to make it happen! This month, I'm sharing a couple scarves I made for my mom. I often make crochet gifts for my mom, and I've made her a couple crochet scarves with pockets since she requested that I make her a scarf with pockets after she saw the Mulberry Shadow Pocket Scarf by Hopeful Honey on Pinterest.  The first one I made was blue and dark gray, and the other is purple and dark gray. Instead of following the Mulberry Shadow Pocket Scarf pattern, I decided to crochet the scarves using the corner to corner crochet stitch (there are some great tutorials for this stitch on YouTube), and both scarves have pockets. Once scarf I made long enough to wrap around the neck, and the other is not. (Note: I did not write a pattern for this scarf, but it is corner to corner crochet.)
I used Lion Brand Scarfie yarn to create these scarves. The purple scarf was crocheted with Lion Brand Scarfie Magenta/Charcoal, and the blue scarf was crocheted with Lion Brand Scarfie Aqua/Charcoal. I think I used about two and a half skeins for each scarf.

Although the Mulberry Shadow Pocket Scarf is a free pattern by Hopeful Honey, I decided to make the scarves with the corner to corner (c2c) crochet stitch.

I crocheted the scarves with a 6.5mm (K) crochet hook.

I like to make scarves long enough to wrap around the neck, so my scarves are usually about 70 inches long. Since this scarf has large pockets, I added 20 inches to the length of the scarf to create the pockets.

Once the scarf was at the desired length, I added a couple rows of ribbing the same as in the Mulberry Shadow Pocket Scarf Pattern.

With the ribbing added, the pocket will be about 11 inches long.

I stitched up the sides with single crochets.

I forgot to take a good picture of this scarf before I shipped it off to my mom.

This scarf is the shorter version of the scarf (not for wrapping around the neck).

My mom loves purple, so I hope she likes this scarf.

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  1. The scarf is beautiful! My kids would love a scarf with pockets. I'm sure your mom will love it, the purple is beautiful!

  2. Those are beautiful; I just love that teal and coffee one. You always come up with such pretty colors and patterns. Pinned.

  3. I've wanting to do the C2C stitch on a baby blanket but I've been intimidated by it lol. I think a scarf would be easier for me to start with! Love the colors!

  4. I have never learned to crochet, but always enjoy seeing what others create. I especially love the one with turquoise in it, since that is one of my favorite colors!

  5. Love this! I got to grips with C2C a couple of years ago and now I love it. It works up so quick and the texture and double sidedness of it are just lovely. - perfect for a scarf. I'm sure your mum will be super cosy in her scarf when the cold weather hits.

  6. How clever! Is the long scarf long enough to put your hands in? My hands are always cold in the winter.

  7. I love this! I really could have used this while walking last winter. Great place to toss your house key and phone.

  8. I would love a scarf with pockets - my hands are always freezing! Very pretty!

  9. I haven't tried C2C crochet yet but I loved how it worked with the colorway you chose.

  10. You are so talented and clever! I am sure your mom will love it! The purple is so pretty!

  11. That yarn is beautiful! My son asked for a scarf with pockets, pinning this to try for him.

  12. Is there written instructions I can print

    1. I don't have written instructions for the C2C stitch. I used video tutorials on YouTube to learn the C2C stitch.

  13. Me gusto mucho! Gracias por compartir!