May 28, 2019

Beach Please Hat Wreath

My blogging friends and I have decided to create crafts using supplies from the dollar store, and we're hosting a Dollar Store Craft Link Party so you can also share your dollar store crafts! So I decided that it was time to make a new wreath for our front door. So I went to the Dollar Tree to collect some supplies. I like the idea of using a hat as a wreath, and I remember seeing a hat-shaped Betsey Johnson purse with the phrase "Beach Please" on it. So I bought a sun hat and other items from the Dollar Tree to create my hat wreath.

hot glue gun

I bought a sun hatrope, blue marbles, burlap ribbon, shells, and a couple floral picks. I decided not to use the burlap ribbon.

I removed the blue ribbon from the hat.

I hot glued some rope onto the hat and attached rope to use to hang the wreath.

I separated the greenery from the floral picks. 

I hot glued the greenery onto the hat.

Then I added some shells.

On another part of the hat, I added greenery and a rope bow with shells on the ends.

Originally, I considered the wreath complete at this point, but once I started blogging about it and looking at the pictures, I felt it was missing something...

I brought out my supplies again and got back to work. I store my shells in my Rae Dunn Anchor Cannister and my marbles in the Rae Dunn Bloom Cannister.

I used rope to write the word "beach."

Then I wrote "Please" in rope.

Originally, I wrote "beach" with a lowercase b...

I decided to make it an uppercase B.

I added shells and blue marbles to the empty space on the hat.

Lastly, I added more marbles around the top edge of the hat.

Now that Beach Please Hat Wreath is all done!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest Dollar Tree craft. Check out the Dollar Store Craft Link Party hosted by me and my blogging friends for more dollar store craft ideas and to share your own dollar store creations!

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  1. I love this! What a fun way to use dollar store items. Love the phrase and the look of your wreath.

  2. The rope is my favorite part of the beach hat. What a great idea to make the words out of the rope. Its perfect for summer!

    1. Thanks so much! Adding the words with the rope was fun! I will have this hat wreath on my door all summer long!

  3. So much fun. And this Coastal Bohemian agrees...Beach Please.

    1. Thanks! My hubby and I really should take the kids to the beach this summer...

  4. This is too cute, T'onna! What an adorable wreath for the summer! Love it!

  5. This is fun! I love the mix of crafting items you were able to pick up so cheaply and then turn into something so cute!

  6. This wreath is really awesome! It's so detailed, and I'm impressed that it's from a dollar store items. I picked this as one of my features at this week's party.


  7. Wow, what a great summer wreath ~ very creative! I love all the extra details, like the shells attached to the ends of the rope.